Monkey – Liverpool

keep churning out that Blackberry cheesecake – Fav Vape liquid tops all man, good job even for a manc 🙂 !

Tar3 note – Somewhat hard to respond to that 🙂 yes BCC is in my personal top 10, have you tried the lemon cheesecake ?  full on lemon with creamy exhale.

Phil – Prestwich

Super fast delivery, and best liquid i’ve tasted by far awesome


Gina – From Tar3 Facebook Page

Thanks to Pete and Tar3 i am now on day 22 of not smoking, I was a 20-30 cigarette a day girl and i have not had one or felt like smoking and believe me over the years i have tried so many times!
Love the shop and everything is explained to you, my choice of electronic cigarette was the The mini protank2 and its brilliant, give it a try folks you will not look back,Thanks again Pete 

Tar3 note – Thank you for your kind comments, keep up the good work.

Gail (letter) – Denton

Dear Tar3

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for time you gave my mother and Father (Jack & Di) in your shop last week, I understand you spent over an hour with them explaining all about the electronic cigarettes you sold them.  As you know they have pledged to not smoke for a full month as part of the Stoptober campaign.

Having smoked for over 60 years between them and with several failed attempts, I have never before seen then this determined to stop, they are even putting the money they would have spent in a jar for Christmas for their grandchildren.  I would also like to thank you for the open invitation for them to visit you every week at the shop to explain their progress, I think this has added to the drive to finally quit, you should hold sessions during the week like a slimming club for people who really want to stop.

Once again thank you for your time spent, here’s hoping with fingers crossed.


Tar3 note – Thank you for your kind letter Gail, after spending that gruelling hour or so with your parents I needed to up my nicotine strength !  Seriously they are such wonderful people and seem that they will indeed give it their best shot.

We can only provide the equipment to make things easier, the real test is within themselves, the first few weeks will be the hardest psycologically to be without a cigarette, electronic cigarettes bridge the gap of something in the hand and mouth and providing them with the nicotine they crave.. I must decline the suggestion to hold classes though, electronic cigarettes are an alternative to cigarettes not a replacement, it is up the the person how they use it, we do not advertise them as NRT and we would always suggest that a person seek professional advice from their G.P. if they wish to undergo any nicotine replacement therapy, besides my voice is one tone and everyone will be asleep within 10 minutes, nice thought though.

Tell your parents that I will be waiting for their weekly visit, and if they don’t show then it’s detention and lines.

Take care – Pete

Pat & Brian – Reddish

Wonderful, we used to buy from our local market which we had to travel every weekend for our orders, now with the new shop opening just around the corner this cannot be simpler, lovely shop and friendly staff and great deals.  Well done Tar3.

Tar3 note – Thank you Brian and Pat, but next time do you think you could buy something instead of just coming in a sitting down on our shop sofa and drinking our coffee? Only joking I know you spend every week, you are more than welcome.

Baz – Chester

Top notch, spent tons on cheap products that fall apart, got recommended by a pal who orders online so I asked him to order for me for the first time, arrived next day free and loving the eco w, I will sign up for your loyalty and order myself next time so my mate doesn’t get my discount, happy chappy thx.

Tar3 note – Thank you very much for your kind review, competition is fierce out there, spread the word and welcome to a tar3 lifestyle.


I just received my new battery.
Thanks so much for sorting me out man!
I really appreciate your great customer service and getting it to me so quickly.

Have a lovely weekend!


Tar3 note – Like every other outlet we occasionally have underperforming products, although this is rare we make every attempt to rectify any issues with haste, we like to think our customer service ranks high.

Rose – Stafford

Hi Tar3, just wanted to drop you a quick email regarding your products, a few weeks ago I decided to try out electronic cigarettes so I could try and quit before the Christmas binging, I bought a cheap kit from a local market for 9 pounds, bargain ? not ! the tank lasted 1 day before I got a burnt taste and my battery is getting really hot when charging.  I asked one of my friends to take a look at it and he told me to take it back as he has been using your electronic cigarettes for nearly 6 months now and it was definately not right, I was horrified when the stall holder refused to compensate or exchange the unit and told me it had been used and what do you want for under a tenner.  I purchased the ce5+ blister kit from you and although it cost me more it was and excellent investment as after 4 days it has paid for itself and Ive just changed the inner after 10 days of use.  Excellent products, super fast delivery time, everything a shopper needs I will be recommending you to all my friends.


Ema – Romiley

I found this fabulous company 2 years ago at Romiley young farmer show I was vaping then with what I thought was a top of the market product which was a pre filled cartridge system, I met Pete at his stall and he talked me through other vaping models and how they differ from the one I was using he wasn’t pushy and even showed me how to refill my pre loaded cartridge with his liquid to save me money 🙂 a few weeks later I decided to give the ce5 from tar3 a go and I haven’t looked back since. I find it a satisfying vape and easy to use, it is good value for money and the liquids I but from tar3 are smoother and more true to taste than any others I’ve come across, there’s also the added bonus that the guy that owns tar3 uses the product his self which I find gives me peace I mind that the product is of the best possible standard. last but not least costumer service this company has it covered they are friendly, helpful, and have a great knowledge of their product, well done tar  3, keep doing it just the way you do perfect. thanks a million ema from Romiley

Jilly – Poynton

Just to say great new web site much easier, nicely set out more information and the lay out is good I have set my account up and ready to collect my points good idea regards Jilly


Hello TAR3, Just wanted to drop you a e-mail and say how happy I was with my first order with TAR3. The speed my order was dispatched and the product I ordered . I will be telling all my friends about TAR3 and will be placeing many more orders with TAR3.

Thanks again !


Paul – Winsley

Ordered product pm 18-02-13 arrived am the next day. Excellent service, thanks, regards, Paul.

Murray – Dundee

hi just got to say, this is the third time ive purchased item from yous and would like to say thanks for the service, delivery time is spot on, prices are great,i was buying ce5+for £10 in dundee and £2.99 for replacement coils , with you guys im now paying £4.99 for the clearomiser and £2.49 for the replacement coils, and free delivery for orders over £10 ,so now i dont have to travel in to town and have to get ripped off

Shaukat Ali

Hi Pete Items have been recieved today I admire your excellent service.Many thanks. Regards.

Karen – Online Submission

Would just like to say thank you for the excellent service. Will definitely recommend your website

Nigel Wilson

Really happy with your service, love the products. Delivery is super quick, as promised! The advice I have recieved has been promt and precise.
Thank you very much

Gillian – Cheshire

Just to say anyone thinking of trying this product with this company go right ahead excellent service good product very well run and helpful and very good after care service

Jezza – Plymouth

I must say I was happy paying £3.99 for the E-liquid from you, now it has been reduced even more it increases my savings on not smoking, I’ve paid over a fiver for 10ml of juice in the past and it has been like licking the inside of rusty can. Your liquid is top notch at a super price. Keep it coming !

Jimmy – Didsbury

Pete, Thank you for taking time to explain about your products last Saturday at Chorlton, Just a quick few lines to say how much I am impressed with my new 510 starter kit, I will be coming back to see you next time you are at Chorlton to buy the 510-T tank kit, no more cigarettes for me. Thanks again. Jim

Mark – Stockport

Since meeting with you at the Romiley young farmers show I have found the product amazing and recommended your website to my boss (who is using your website as well) I tried a cigarette after using the e cig for two weeks and can honestly say I won’t be smoking again. Keep up the good work. Mark

Jean – Alderley Edge

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for all you have done for me, it’s been a month now since I started using the electronic cigarette and have cut down cigarettes to only a few a day, as you know I was on 30 plus. I feel so much better for it too. I am now on your apple flavour and finding this better than the tobacco flavour I started off on. A few of my friends at slimming club have had a try and are interested in buying one however they cannot decide which one to buy and I am not well educated in the different kits you do, would it be okay if they gave you a ring to ask you some questions ? or better still we have guest speakers at the club every month regarding fitness and health, would you be interested in speaking at our event ? we would of course pay for your expenses. Thank you again for this wonderful product. Jean

Jim – Manchester

After trying the CE5 at Debdale and subsequently buying one i am really impressed with the product, it lives up to your sales pitch. Thanks again

Jean – Sheffield

Super fast delivery, very impressed with the new ce5 plus kit it is so easy to use and refill, have tried other companies but this tops them all for all round service, will continue to buy all my products and liquids from Tar3. A+++

Gemma, Stockport

I went along to see my friend sing at the Gorton Fun day last week, whilst I was there I spoke to the staff at Tar3 about electronic cigarettes as I didn’t know much about them I bought one the next day online from them and it is brilliant, I haven’t had a cigarette for nearly a week now and the kit has now paid for itself on my savings. I find the strawberry liquid a little too much but the camel flavour is just like smoking. I am determined that I will carry on using the electronic cigarette, looking forward to saving up for a holiday now – thank you.

Saul – North Mcr

I’d just like to say the eGo-W tank system is great and working really well for me. I’ve had no desire to smoke another cigarette at all, it hits the spot and satisfies those nicotine cravings. I’ve reccomended you to the few remaining smokers at work! Got more money in my pocket and feel better health wise. Thanks!

Sara – Denton, Manchester

What can I say, this guy is as honest as they come. My son wanted to buy me something special for my birthday and was worried about my health due to my habit of 30 a day so he contacted Peter to buy a starter kit from Tar3, he was refused due to my son being 16 years old but offered to call round to the house on my birthday for one of their ’consultation visits’ which covered all I needed to know regarding electronic cigarettes. I bought a kit with some liquid and my son gave me the money back, it has been the best present any mother can have and saves me so much money to boot! Pete often calls when he is in the area to say hello, although I reckon it’s just an excuse for a coffee ! Unbelievable service in every department.

Mike – Congleton, Cheshire

I bought the Tar3 510 Tank system 3 weeks ago with some Camel flavour e liquid and i’m loving it, 3 of my friends got fed up of having to go outside to smoke so they bought one each also, the landlord loves it because we now spend more at the bar (thanks Tar3 for turning us into alcoholics ) 🙂 fast delivery and quality products why would anyone go elsewhere ? good job tar3, thank you.

Catrina – Fallowfield, Manchester

I had always wanted to cut down on my smoking, a friend told me about Tar3 Electronic cigarettes and how they helped them save money as well as getting rid of a horrid smokers cough so I gave Pete a ring, as I was in Manchester he offered to call with the range of kits that was for sale, he spent about an hour at my house in which he answered all my doubts and questions regarding e-cigs. Although there was no pressure selling at all I decided to purchase a starter kit and have never looked back, I sometimes have the odd cigarette with friends but have been using Tar3 products for 3 months now and have saved around £500 and feel much better health wise. The customer experience given by Tar3 is second to none and I would recommend to anyone to give them a call, definately on my Christmas card list … Catrina

Paul – Bury, Manchester

After trying to give up smoking for many years, using every stop smoking aid known to man, I was advised by a friend to give the e cig’s a try, I was very sceptical, but purchased the e cig package, gave it a try and 14 months later, I’m still using it, very impressed! They are excellent value, the customer service is faultless, from smoking 30 cigs per day, it’s saved me ££££’s, wouldn’t hesitate recommending to anyone wanting to quit smoking, thank you tar3