About Tar3

Who we are

Tar3 is a small family run business offering quality Electronic cigarettes and e-liquid at realistic prices, cutting out many of the hidden overheads that larger business’s incur we are able to offer competitive prices on quality products, we import only quality equipment direct, we are not a reseller, we do not rely on other company recommendations, we test all our products prior to submitting for resale.

The History – my personal experience

Having been a smoker for 26 years on approximately 20 cigarettes per day I found my health and financial situation deteriorating. during my numerous failed attempts over the years to find an alternative to nicotine intake only one has proved successful for me, the use of an electronic cigarette,  It is through my success that Tar3 was formed to provide others with an opportunity to find one of many alternatives to smoking.  We make no claim or advertise that the use of an electronic cigarette will help you stop smoking, the reasoning behind the use of any device is a decision made by each person.

The Research

Since my experience of vaping and using a wide range of products has given me knowledge of what exactly a customer needs from the start of using an electronic cigarette. I have personally used electronic cigarettes for well over 5 years and have now greatly reduced the levels of nicotine intake and use of the device. The products sold by Tar3 are aimed at both the new user of electronic cigarettes and the accomplished seasoned vaper, The products sold by Tar3 are proven to be amongst the top selling models offering both excellent performance and value for money, we were one of the first Uk companies to offer the CE5 range, now numerous companies have jumped on the bandwagon with similar looking systems which underperform in comparison, our ce5 range is the perfect partner to our smooth blended E-Liquids.

Tar3 has undertaken personal research into why people wish to find an alternative method of nicotine intake and more importantly the reason why they have never tried, some interesting results can be found in our blog.

Aims and objectives

Simplicity – To keep your shopping experience quick and easy, offering products that combine simplicity in use, quality and value.

Service Value – As we have grown over the last 6 years we have continued to improve the unmatched quality customer service that comes as standard at Tar3, our complaints are minimal, our delivery first class and we have no record of any customer complaint being unresolved to a full satisfactory outcome, some larger companies seem to forget baseline priorities, at Tar3 we realise that our progression relies on your satisfaction.

People focused – Tar3 values its customers opinions and needs, your feedback is invaluable in Tar3’s progression, without you, the customer, Tar3 would cease to exist, our product expansion is often due to the public’s wants and needs, unlike others we have never introduced a product, promoted it to be the best then taken it off sale due to its failures. We do not need to spend a fortune on advertising and due to law we cannot promote, we test products that you the customer recommend, that is where the true knowledge and technology lies.

Consistancy – Tar3 will continue to offer quality products at competitive prices. We will occasionally promote new products for sale however we will make every attempt not to discontinue a product without offering an alternative accessory to fit your current kit, we understand in failing to do this we risk losing your support and custom.