Testing new clearomisers – week 1

More than half way through our testing of the new clearomisers, after 3 days the list of 4 hopefuls became 3, we lost the ce9 due to complication in refilling and the time it took for the liquid to filter through to the coil took too long.
We are still piping away on the remaining evod+, T3+ and T4+ so we could see them appear on sale in a few weeks time, all three are rebuildable.

The T3+ houses the popular ce5+ inner coil and I must say at this time is outperforming the ce5+ with a more robust build it can stand up to a few more knocks than its counterpart, also comes with a cap to protect the mouthpiece, those of you who have mastered the CE5+ will love this one.

We are testing the T4+ due to the tank capacity being more than our other models, not much to report on the T4 at this time, nice vapour, great taste, however do I need a bigger tank ? I suppose some thing big is better.

Now for the Evod+ this is a strange one, a bottom filler which makes topping up a lot easier than normal, although i had my reservations having the coil under the liquid this atomiser performs really well all round. Unlike the ce5 range being completely transparent, the body of the Evod+ has a window like the egoW for viewing of liquid levels, maybe one for those who prefer style than practicality.
So unless we have any major issue over the second week of testing, these 3 will be going on sale soon, they will probably run at £5.99 each for the complete unit and the usual 2.49 for replacement coils.

Pictures to follow when I can take one out of my mouth long enough to take some snaps.


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