Cheap as chips – literally

Ok we hold our hands up, we are guilty of charging you £21.99 on a ce5 blister kit when some other individuals are selling them at £15 – £18.  Also we sell liquids at £3.65 for a 10ml bottle when some others sell them at £6 for 30ml.

However, What do you get for your £15, a new customer came to me last week and showed me his electronic cigarette that he purchased from elsewhere for £19 the day before (picture below)  with a 900mah battery and charger, bargain ! until it came apart revealing what can only be described as a blatant rip off and dangerous as a bonus.  The 900mah battery was a 650mah battery with rubber packing to stop any rattling in the 900mah casing, the Charger has no labelling and as for the ce5 clearomiser ? well I suppose we could call our tar3  ce5 a CE249 mega blast if we wanted couldn’t we?   This battery fell apart, and would not even get tested at tar3 let alone sold.


There are a numerous reputable outlets out there who will sell you good products that have been tested and meet the standards you deserve as a customer, even if you do not like our products or prefer to use another supplier then there are certain precautions you can take to ensure you are purchasing from a vendor who care what they sell, as follows,

Ask the seller what ohm the atomisers operate at?

Ask  what Nicotine and diacetyl levels are in the E-Liquids ?

Ask Simple questions like ‘will this stop me smoking”? or how long will a 10ml bottle of liquid last?

If they cannot answer your questions, then walk away, would you drink from an unlabelled bottle from a stranger on the street? If not then why would you risk inhaling into your lungs something that an unknown seller is unsure of?

For information, the range of answers should be around the following;

Most atomiser range will be between 1.4 and 3 ohm resistance, our ce5 operates at 2.0 – 2.4

Nicotine levels should be marked on the bottle and is in milligrams so what percentage range or level per 1000 so a high nicotine level is high 18-24mg or 1.8 – 2.4% volume.

Now this is the deal breaker – Diacetyl is a dangerous chemical that has been known to be found in some liquids, diacetyl is a chemical that can cause lung disease and goes against everything that electronic cigarettes stand for.  If a vendor is unsure or has never heard of this then again … walk away it just isn’t worth the pound difference, it may be that the liquid does not contain diacetyl however if a vendor is uncertain then how can you be?

A 10ml bottle of E-liquid should last a 20 a day smoker approximately 5 days, longer if you smoke cigarettes with your electronic device, on average a 20 per day would vape around 2ml per day.  However this varies due to the strength of liquid but the answer should not be 5 weeks or 1 day.

Although it has been stated that in 2016 electronic cigarettes will be classed as a medicine, in the trade electronic cigarettes have never been classed or sold as a smoking cessation device and should continue not be sold as one, the answer should be around the lines of ‘electronic cigarettes are sold as an alternative to cigarettes, they deliver nicotine at a desired rate’ we make no claim that the electronic cigarette is a NRT device and we always advise those who wish find a NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) device to seek professional medical advice.

Well a long blog, but hopefully this gives you more awareness when you come across a good deal, or what seems to be at the time ??

Please note Tar3 is not aware of the outlet/person responsible for selling, manufacturing or distributing this product, nor does it imply that this product is sold by any other reputable retail outlet.

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