2 New flavours

After we asked for your opinion from facebook messages and on our web blogs for some ideas on new flavours we have had a lot of pressure to stock Cola flavour, we now have Red cola on our shelves in both 12mg and 18mg strengths, and I must admit after trying it it has left me wondering why we didn’t stock this a long time ago.

As we are constantly upgrading our stock I could not resist adding ‘Cream Cake’ now this is sheer bliss, very moreish and very creamy. This is now my favourite flavour vape, I am always alternating between Desert Ship (favourite tobacco base) and Cream cake, but hey that’s my opinion and my taste will not be the same as others, for instance I have never been a lover of our vanilla but some cannot get enough of it.

yet again – Stay safe and enjoy your tar3 lifestyle.


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